Hello, Medium.com!

Dear Subscribers,

I have an exciting update!  Starting today, I will be switching over to Medium, a blogging platform that celebrates our global community by featuring articles from writers all over the world.  On Medium, you can dive into the minds of individuals from every background, industry, and perspective.  After all, there’s nothing more fascinating than reading a collection of opinion pieces, literary creations, and news updates from thoughtful international writers, all under a single web address!

In addition to providing me the opportunity to reach broader audiences, this platform also allows me to monetize my content without any impact on your reading experience.  As a writer, it is crucial to find outlets that both promote my work and provide a source of income.  That way, I can continue to produce meaningful work while still being able to afford the coffee that fuels my fire ◡̈ Oh, and rent, of course.

That being said, I hope you’ll join me on Medium!  I have several pieces in the works at the moment and will continue drafting new and engaging posts for your enjoyment.  Visit my profile to subscribe to my blog, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the transition!

A paid subscription is not required to view three stories per month, but for just $5 a month you can take advantage of unlimited content from writers all over the world.  Plus, you’ll be supporting the writers that create the content you enjoy!  A worthy investment?  Absolutely.

In gratitude,


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